Interest Groups & Activities

Our interest groups and activities enable our members to come together in social settings, to get to know each other on a more personal level, and to have fun doing things that interest them.

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Event Calendar


art-151360_640Art History Group

Our art loving ladies use and peruse art forms, information, museums, mixed media of all sorts, learning and sharing our artsy chic.

Bridge Group                                           tn-lg-bridge                                                               

This group meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.

Cinema Groups cinema

Two cinema groups (“Afternoon Movie Delights” and “Twin Cinema” Groups) meet the 1st Tuesday of each month at 12:30 PM at the homes of group members. The movies are selected by those in attendance the prior month. Many of the chosen movies are foreign films, which have received Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Sun Dance Festival Awards, etc. or nominations for various categories. Bring your lunch. Refreshments are provided by the host and group members. Eat, socialize and watch top rated movies.

Great Decisions


Great Decisions is a foreign policy discussion group sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association. Participants purchase and read a Great Decisions paperback book containing information about eight topics on world issues. The Group usually meets the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of the month, at 12:30 PM, after Book Sort, to discuss one of the topics.  All are welcome to participate. 

Literature Groups 

booksDaytime Literature Groups  

There are three discussion groups that meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month, at 12:30 PM, in members’ homes. Participants bring their lunch. Refreshments are provided by the hostess. Selections for the year, voted on from members’ suggestions, are made at the May meetings.

Note: No Meetings in December or June.

2017-2018 Book Groups


  • June 27               Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger
  • July 25                 A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copelton
  • August 22           The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin
  • September 26    The Rent Collector by Camron Wright
  • October 24         The Curious Charms of Author Pepper by Phaedra Patrick
  • November 28    The sweetness of Forgetting by Kristin Harmel
  • December           No Meeting
  • January 23           Joshua – A Brooklyn Tale by Andrew Kane
  • February 27         Lunch at Anemos (12:30)
  • March 27              The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa
  • April 24                 The Girl Who Wrote in Silk by Kelli Estes
  • May  22                 Planning Meeting and Lunch


  • July 25           Tell about a book that we read and enjoyed
  • August 22    Tell about a book that we read and enjoyed
  • Sep. 26th  – “The Wives of Los Alamos” by Tarashea Nesbit
  • Oct. 24th   –  “The Bridal Chair” by Gloria Goldreich
  • Nov. 28th   –   “Ordinary Grace” by Wm. Kent Krueger
  • December   –   No Meeting
  • Jan. 23rd   –   “The Rent Collector” by Cameron Wright
  • Feb. 27th   –   “The Two Family House” by Lynda Cohen Loigman
  • Mar. 27th   –    “The Last Train to Istanbul” by Ayse Kulin
  • Apr.24th    –    “The German Girl” by Correa
  • May  22      –    Pot Luck


  • July 25                   Circling the Sun by Paula McLain
  • August. 22            Open discussion
  • September 26     The Girl Who Wrote in Silk by Inara Erickson
  • October 24          Devil in Jerusalem by Naomi Ragen
  • November 28      Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
  • January 23            Enchanted Islands by Allison Amend
  • February 27         Orphan # 8 by Kim van Alkemade
  • March 27             Digging to America by Anne Tyler
  • April 24                America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray
  • May 22                 Planning meeting

Evening Literature Group (2017-2018 Meetings)

booksThis discussion group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each monthat 6:30 PM, in members’ homes.  Refreshments are served.  Selections for the year, voted on  from members’ suggestions, are made at the May meeting.

  • September 20     TBA
  • October 18           TBA
  • November 15       TBA
  • December            No Meeting
  • January 17            TBA
  • February 14          TBA
  • March 14               TBA
  • April 18                 TBA
  • May 16                  Selection
  • June                       No Meeting

2017-2018 Book Groups

2016-2017 Book Groups

2015-2016 Books

Lunch Bunch plate

This group meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12:30 p.m., for a casual meal in an area restaurant.

church.potluck.06Pot Luck Dinner

Potluck Dinner at Members’ homes during month of February (Replaces February Branch Meeting)

Recognition Dinner global-employee-recognition 

The Recognition Dinner, which is held in the month of June, has been an annual event for many years.  It is an evening to socialize with those we see all the time and those we don’t get a chance to visit with very often. We always have a very enjoyable evening and are glad that many of our members were able to join us.

Supper Club


The group is looking for a new Chair.  It previously met the 4th Wednesday of most months, at 6:30 PM at a restaurant in the surrounding area.  Wine, good food and conversation all combine to make for a very pleasant evening out.  (Does not meet in December.)

Travel Information Group2141239_travel

The purpose of the Travel Information Group is to explore as many different types of travel and travel experiences as possible.  The group calls on our widely traveled membership to volunteer to speak about a travel destination, share experiences, pictures, planning, modes of travel, etc.  Meetings are informal, yet informative. The group meets at a member’s home, afternoons (1:30 PM), four times per year (in September, October, April & May) on the third Thursday of the month,

Trips and Treks (Cultural Affairs)                                                              Capture_Trips & Treks

Each month trips are planned to various locations in NY and NJ, where we take docent-led tours of museums and other places of interest.  During winter months, instead of monthly trip: Ladies Afternoon at the Movies (East Windsor) Carpools are facilitated for those wishing to attend. Some destinations we’ve visited are:

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